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"the most beautiful and tasty foodie stall by far" Foodie Quine May 2014 @ Ideal Home Show Scotland


"I LOVED the cute heart-shaped iced biscuit by Occasional Cake Company, “just wait until you see their stall”, I was told. “It’s all Marie-Antoinette themed!”. Ooh!"...I followed my nose over to the food and housewares section, where I came across the much-anticipated stall by Occasional Cake Company – and it did not disappoint! Pastel-hued, adorable and jam-packed with delicious treats." Miss West End Girl May 2014 @ Ideal Home Show Scotland


"gorgeous cakes that taste as good as they look" Kate Dunbar 9th March 2014


"had fabulous strawberry champagne cupcakes at The Vintage Wedding Show. Thanks!" Laura Intably 11th March 2014


"The Occasional Cake Company wins BEST STALL for their beautiful display of decadent cakes. Keep an eye out for [this]ingenious food loving company!" Fine Food Fayre, St Andrews 9th March


"mouthwateringly tasty cakes!" Eric McRory 5th March 2014


" I bought a chocolate cupcake at the St. Andrews farmer's market on Saturday. It's about the best cupcake ever. The chocolate is perfect. Rich, smooth, and just a hint of bitterness. The frosting is amazing. Creamy and not too sweet. Balanced chocolate flavor all around. The cake is moist and holds together when you bite into it. Run to [Lesley's] stall when you see it." Kelly L Shand 2nd March 2014


"your cakes were absolutely beautiful, certainly the most beautiful wedding cakes I have ever come across" Victoria Albrecht 18th February 2014


"came across a fabulous cake maker in Fife recently. Take a look at The Occasional Cake Company. Flavour is everything for this lady and the fact that they look so fabulous is an added bonus!" Carole Fitzgerald 5th February 2014


"I just want to say thank you for our beautiful [wedding] cake, it was beyond my expectations and I was delighted with it! Everyone commented on how fabulous it looked and tasted! " Stacey Martin 15th January 2014

"My mum and I both really enjoyed a white chocolate and raspberry ripple cupcake. The cake was so soft and delicious and the icing was so well flavoured and balanced. Sweet and tasty, but not too sweet. Yummy" Yvonne Isaacs 24th November 2013


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